Welcome to Frog and Toad Care wiki! Please visit the Kelsey D. Karen D. and Erik D. pages to learn more about the founders of this wiki. Frogs and toads are amazing creatures. They are amphibians, not reptiles, and they have many amazing abilities that we do not have. They are cold blooded and ectotherms. That means they get warmth for their body from external sources of heat. Now that you know a little about frogs and toads, you can add a page or edit a page. To learn more about frogs and toads, visit our Fun Facts page. Please contribute to this wiki. New members and editors are always welcomed. We appreciate new members and editors. This page will tell you more about how you can contribute to Frog and Toad Care wiki! We will tell you some of the many ways you can add to frog and Toad Care wiki. Our goal for Frog and Toad Care wiki is to have it be a big community of people who know lots about frogs and toads, some knowledge of frogs and toads, or even no knowledge at all about frogs and toads! Anybody is welcome and encouraged to add and contribute to this wiki. Whether you know a lot about frogs and toads or nothing at all, still feel free to join this wiki.

You can: Start a blog Edit a page Recommend this wiki to others Add an informative page Add a pole to this wiki Add a top ten list Add a picture Add a video Add a slide show Add a gallery Add a slider Add to this page!

Any contributions will be gladly accepted and appreciated! With any comments, questions, or any concerns, please see Kelsey D. Karen D. or Erik D. and go to our message pages. Thanks, and enjoy the amazing world of frogs and toads on Frog and Toad Care Wiki!